Youth Programs

Little Mountain
Baptist Church
King's Cubbies - Ages 2 to 10
Teachers - Lu Ann Browne and Rita Johnson

King's Cubbies meets every Wednesday night at
7:30 in the Mixed Adults Sunday School Room. 
"Through the Bible" studies are presented on a
pre-school to elementary level in a fun and engaging manner.  Kids have a chance to participate in the story, present puppet shows, make a story-related craft, and even put on mini-dramas to bring the story to life.  Children are encouraged to participate and ask any questions they might have.  King's Cubbies often participates in any special patriotic services held at church, such as special presentations for July 4th, Patriot Day, Veteran's Day, and Memorial Day.  Parents and visitors are welcome any time!!

King's Kids (Teens Redeemed) - Ages 11 and up.
Teachers - Brian & Teresa Mauldin, Rick & Lynn Leonard

Teens Redeemed meets every Wednesday night at 7:30 in the Fellowship Hall.  Subject oriented studies that focus on spiritual, moral and character development are presented in a straight-forward manner.  Topics include Jonah, the man who ran from God; teen dating; teens in the Bible; fruit of the Spirit; getting along with the group; basic Bible doctrines 101, 102, 103; the Beatitudes applied; the local church; character trademarks 101 and 102; spiritual battles; white unto harvest; fearfully and wonderfully made; and difficult decisions in light of the scriptures. King's Kids often get together to go out and eat or play vollyball or sing.  Visitors are welcome anytime!

Youth Singing
Beginners and Primary Sunday School Classes:  Led by Shelby Hawks, these kids sing for the Sunday evening services at least once monthly on the live radio broadcasts.  The songs are lively and quite entertaining when presented by these kids.  What a blessing to see the youngest members of our church glorifying God with their little voices lifted up together.

Teen Singing
Led by Jamie O'Neal, the teens are a super blessing, besides the fact that they sound incredible together.  They have a great time getting together to practice, especially when they throw in a few pizzas and a pick-up basketball game. 
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6
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